BIG ON Merchandise Brand Partner Program

Brand Partner Program

BIG ON Merchandise Brand Partner Program

Open you own brand merchandise store on our platform and turn on a new revenue stream for your business...

Become a Brand Partner with BIG ON Merchandise Ltd and open your own brand merchandise store to offer your own business branded merchandise and personalised products for customers using your service.

We help you get your designs and logo/ branding set up and take care of sales, merchandise supply, production and fulfilment. You refer your customers and earn revenue on your branded products.

On top of that you earn commission on non-brand sales too - literally anything else your customer buys from us.

Now we think that's a great deal, and an almost instant, all year round money-maker for your business.

You can promote your Merch (and ours) via your own website* and social media channels, and we'll be promoting you too, via ours.

So, if you want to set up a new revenue stream through branded merch for your business, just fill out the Brand Partner Program form and get started today, or feel free to contact us for more information.

*[Incidentally if you don't have your website or social media set-up, we can help. Our partners MacGent Online who developed and manage this platform are on hand. See our FAQ section below for more detail.]

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The BIG ON Merchandise Brand Partner Program - A New Revenue Stream for Your Business!

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions

Brand Partner Program FAQ

Tap or click on any question below to see the answer. If you have any other questions please contact us.

Our Brand Partner program is aimed at small to medium business that are looking for a new revenue stream. It can be any business that has a recognised brand, or wishes to establish one.

Having customers that know and love you helps, and the customer experience is a big part of this. They might be catching fish or treking alpacas, or they might just love your restaurant, bar, coffee shop or any other b2c business. This is also great for musicians, bands or any entertainment business.

Whatever the experience, having something to celebrate or remind you of it, is always going to be a winner.

In addition, simply having your own merch range and offering it to your loyal customers is a win-win and great way to help build your brand.

We have a wide range of merch which can be branded for your business, or used for personalised customer experience merchandise too.

- e.g. our Wall Art is a great way to capture customers using your service. Examples are for sporting events - fishing etc, and for wildlife experience adventures - e.g Alpaca trekking. Anywhere that someone can capture that magic moment and want to show it off to friends, family and others, or simply to have it to remember the moment.

T-Shirts, Caps, Mugs, Phone cases are other great examples. This could be a picture of your hotel, restaurant or establishment, it could be your guests enjoying themselves, or just your logo/brand on an item. 

We also offer hooded blankets, Snug Hoodies, Blankets, Leggings and many more products which can be All-Over-Printed with your customer images and your brand.

We have Gift cards too and can set-up your own branded cards to offer your customers - great for birthdays, Christmas and more.

As our range expands, the opportunities for branding and for non-brand sales commissions will only grow.

Our Brand Partner Sales Model is as follows;

We pay all wholesale product purchase costs, taxes, shipping and payment gateway charges, do all the product creation & mockups, ordering, production, fulfillment and customer service, then share the remaining profit margin with you.

The majority of work is on our side so we think this is a fair deal and a win-win. Available margins for each merchandise category and product is available to Brand Partners after registration.

Plus, you also earn 10% sales commission on the sale price of any non-branded sales - anything else your customer buys from our BIG ON Merchandise store and range.

The 10% non-brand commission is paid for any sales via your brand partner link, and there is no time limit on this.

So, how much can you earn really depends on how many customers you refer and how much they go on to purchase.

It's essentially incremental, no-work revenue for you, once they become a customer.

In addition, you don't need to stick to our Product pricing (RRP). If you believe there is a brand uplift and wish to charge more for your branded merchandise then we can set your product pricing where you wish.

This new revenue stream is all year around, and perfect for those low season or off season dips.

When you sign up to our Brand Partner merchandising program we create all the links and tracking that will record sales via your site/social media and your bigonmerchandise store page and this will be available to you on your own account dashboard.

We will pay your earnings & commissions on an agreed basis - either bi-weekly or monthly to your bank account and you can track sales and payments at anytime. This ensures full transparency and visibility of all your incomes, from your own branded merchandise and your affiliate sales of ours. Remember the 10% commission on all non-brand merchandise.!

All our products include tax and shipping, and some are just a few days in production and shipment, whereas others can take longer. We make this clear on every product and in some cases also offer express shipping for an additional fee.

All you need to do is to contact us, let us know what your business is and we can then decide what range of merch and personalised products make sense for your business. We then look at your logo/branding and other image assets that might be used to form your brand collection and set up your online merchandise store on our Big On Merchandise platform..

Once agreed, we will get your designs and merchandise mockups and product pages put together and create your store landing page where people can access your merchandise.

We will also supply copy and links to this for your website and social media via a customised web page and banners and other marketing collateral to promote your merchandise.

It's about letting your customers know and encouraging them to purchase your branded merch.

We can do that by an intro offer/coupon, or various other promotional activities on our and your social media channels. We have links you can post online or send via email or newsletter to your customer base, also advertising banners to spread around your social media.

We will also be developing videos too for your use, and you can have a dedicated page on your own website showcasing your merchandise and your store landing page on with your branded merchandise range to send them to. We track all referrals from your own website domain, and via your dedicated store landing page  on our site. So, plenty of opportunities to build your merchandise customer base.

Word of mouth is great too, at the point of service and you could run a competition to win a canvas wall art or other merch. Why not have some of your branded merch on-site at your premises for people to see in real life.

There are so many ways to promote your brand merch and we will support you all the way. Also note our faq below re website development support.

No, although based in UK we supply our merch globally, primarily to UK, US, Canada EU, and Australia so we can offer this program literally to anyone worldwide.

Our supplier base is in UK, US and China and are all set up to ship worldwide.

No, this is a supply on demand business model and your brand merchandise is ordered and supplied when purchased by the customer, so you have no risk or upfront payment to make.

However, if you want to order in some stock, you can and we can look at bulk pricing as appropriate.

There is no upfront cost or risk to you whatsoever. The only thing you need is to spend a little time setting up your designs and merch range with us, and most of that time outlay is on our side. We will consult and advise and help you get your designs and logo/branding ready for each type of merchandise you want to offer.

We also set up customer personalised products for you so that your customer can add their own image to selected merchandise, e.g. Wall Art.

All the upfront work is essentially on us. Note that we intend to charge a set-up fee in due course, but for an introductory period we will waive this, so the sooner you jump on board the better.

Don't worry, we can help, we also offer online business services via our partner MacGent Online and this includes website, Facebook and other social media channel development,

If you need a new website, or a website makeover let us know, and we have negotiated a great deal with MacGent for our Brand Partners.

Absolutely Nothing! You get a new revenue stream for your business and we do all the work.


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The BIG ON Merchandise Brand Partner Program - A New Revenue Stream for Your Business!

See our Brand Partner Program Summary below.

Brand Partner Program Summary - in partnership with BIG ON Merchandise

  • Create an online store & brand merchandise range for your business

  • No-cost risk-free set up

  • Great margins on all brand merch sold to your customers

  • Fully secure e-commerce system

  • Account dashboard to track all sales and payments

  • Marketing collateral and links supplied

  • Promote and sell your brand merch via your website and social media

  • Track sales and payments via your account dashboard

  • 10% affiliate sale commission on all non - brand merch sold to your customers

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The BIG ON Merchandise Brand Partner Program - A New Revenue Stream for Your Business!

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